Testosterone Hormone Therapy For Men

20 Sep

The debate on hormone replacement therapy has attracted a lot of attention, especially in the bodybuilding industry today. Hormone therapy replacement involves the use of synthetic hormones to produce higher levels of sex hormones such as estrogen. Testosterone as well as progesterone. Hormone replacement therapy is designed for people with low hormone levels caused by a certain condition. The use of hormone therapy quickly caught on seniors who were able to match the vitality of a relatively younger person. Hormone therapy is the present day fountain of youth since it allows people of all ages to return to the testosterone levels they enjoyed in their youth even when they are relatively older.

The natural level of testosterone in men decreases as they age and their production of estrogen increases. These changes lead to loss of muscles and an increase in fat as well as gynecomastia amongst other issues. This means that they get old. Hormone replacement therapy helps to reverse these changes.

One needs to visit a doctor and make a case for an actual need to get approved for HRT. Just like other testosterone and other growth hormones, HRT agents are highly controlled. As such, you might not get a prescription by simply telling your doctor that you need to win an NPC contest. A patient will need to undergo a series of examinations to determine what sex hormones are out of balance. This involves completion of a hormone panel as well as screening for cancer. One is likely to receive the prescription if they are cancer free and exhibits mental characteristics of low testosterone.

In the initial stages, aromatase inhibitors may be used to offset the rise in estrogen. This is the simplest weight loss indianapolis in treatment. It is the same compounds used in post cycle therapy for steroid users to negate the post cycle spike in estrogen that occurs after a sudden drop in synthetic testosterone levels.

If aromatase inhibitors do not work, prohormones are introduced. The most frequently used are Adione and 4-Adiol along with 1-AD. Unlike testosterones, pheromones do not convert to estrogen and such they can boost testosterone levels and improve the quality of life without the side effects associated with changes in the levels of estrogen.

The third step involves the use of transdermal testosterone. Testosterone replacement therapy is administered 2-3 times per day. These are effective but they completely or partially shut down the natural ability of the body to produce testosterone, and as such, their use remains permanent.

Finally, human growth hormone is administered in small to patients who do not produce adequate growth hormone. It may also be applied if the patient does not respond to the first three treatments. For more details about weight loss, visit https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Weight_loss#Causes.

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